The Twins Built Consistency this Offseason

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Thus, it is imperative for the Twins to have a healthy year or just not incur a repeat of the total debacle of injuries from last season. Within the system, the “problem” is that the young talent is at the ML/AAA level, and then drops down to A ball. There are some good looking AA prospects for 2023 that are interesting, might surprise, or could be solid role players. But there is a talent gap between the upper and lower levels. Of course, if the current top level talent comes through, said gap won’t be an issue, and allows time for the lower level talent to arrive. I’m excited to see where this quality and depth leads us this season.

  • Nothing prevents the Twins from re-signing one, or two of, Gray, Mahle, Maeda, or Lopez.
  • Imagine hovering on the cusp of Wild card contention and again slicing up the farm system to bring in guys who instantly collapse.
  • Yes, the Giants and Mets “agreed” to terms first, but if the Twins would have been impatient they would have turned to an overpay on another shortstop once they thought they were out on Correa.
  • Irvin, one of the most popular media personalities in sports, was set to be one of NFLN’s and ESPN’s faces of their Super Bowl coverage.
  • The coming campaign should be more promising because of our starting pitching.
  • If your trying to understand what your going to experience in Scotland and perhaps Ireland, then you need to know and attempt to understand England.

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If there are injuries, there are high-upside young guys to fill in and for us to follow. Well, they could make the tough calls and make them wrong. Jose Miranda looks the part of a fixture on the infield, and with a healthy wrist, Alex Kirilloff can be in a similar situation.

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  • It conserves our culture and helps to spread it as a culture carrier.
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  • However, worrying about health like it’s almost a certain negative is old.
  • Thus, it is imperative for the Twins to have a healthy year or just not incur a repeat of the total debacle of injuries from last season.
  • There’s literally only a few people who could be sourcing this article to People Magazine and all of them are supposed to be on her side.

Hope is this is “normal” recovery discomfort as he continues his rehab. I don’t recall Larnach having any significant injuries in college or during milb. There is no guarantee for health for these 2, or future development/production for Lewis, Lee, Julien, Martin, Celestino, or Wallner. But when you have that many good looking prospects at the ML/AAA/AA level, I believe you mitigate disappointment simply due to the number of good prospects with potential. Also, we likely help restock the prospect cupboard by trading some/a lot of the vets. I for one would be tuning daily in to watch those players in the 2nd half.

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